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Professional Headshot Photographer in Colorado Springs

When you need a headshot for your website, Linkedin or another site, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you just stand up against a wall and have a friend snap a few shots. A professional headshot can help you project a much better image. At Sluder Photographer, it is a quick and painless experience. Schedule your appointment, come in for your quick portrait session, and view your images on-screen in the camera room as they’re taken. Contact Tom at or 719-520-0706.

Business Headshots Colorado Springs | Business Portraits

Convenient business headshots  close to downtown Colorado Springs. Schedule your business portrait session with Tom Sluder of Sluder Photography. Contact Tom at or 719-520-0706.

Colorado Springs Business Headshots

Put your best face forward with a high-quality professional business portrait from Sluder Photography in Colorado Springs. Need your photo in a hurry? No problem. View and choose your images on our computer screen immediately. All finished images are professionally retouched to help you look your very best and we’re happy to provide a quick turn-around.

Tom Sluder has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. His studio is conveniently located across the street from Memorial Park. Contact Tom at or 719-520-0706 to schedule your appointment.